The Rocky Mountain Regional Innovative Users Group (RMRIUG) began informally in 1998 and an organizing committee and programming task force formed and met in early 1999 to meet the goals stated in our Mission Statement. Since that time, RMRIUG has presented workshops at least annually, although we were more ambitious and productive in the first 9 years with usually 3 workshops each year. The RMRIUG Planning Committee investigates the need for training in the region and then plans workshops and programs to meet this need. The Committee encourages staff at Innovative libraries in the region (Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah) to submit ideas and participate in our Innovative Interfaces training efforts.

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  • Thanks to all participants of the Spring 2011 Workshop! Thanks as well go to our hosts at Belmar Library, Lakewood CO and Univeristy of New Mexico in Albuquerque!
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